Monumental Live Training For Mary Kay Consultants Now Available that will…

Reveal The Hidden Tax Return Secrets That 95% of CPA’s and Tax Accountants Do Not Know and Are Afraid To Use

…Get Ready To See Behind The curtain and Unlock Your Tax Savings!

In this exclusive live training, you’ll discover the some of the biggest tax secrets that 95% of CPA’s do not know about it AND the other 5% are afraid to use!

What We’ll Be Covering During This Awesome Training!

  • How to be compliant with the IRS so even if you get audited , you will win!
  • How to take advantage of assets you already own to save on average up to $3,100 per YEAR that you are in business.
  • What the biggest mistake on a Mary Kay tax return is and how it can save you about $1,000 AND ensure your team stays in!!
  • How to write off 100% of all things that happen at your house


About Your Tax Expert

Spangenberg & Co

Steven Spangenberg

Steve started his tax business at the age of 14 and his first paying client was his mom’s Avon lady. Steve learned very quickly that the only way to permanently lower your taxes is by having a home based business. Although he works primarily with Mary Kay consultants, he helps people in virtually every direct sales company. With over 46 years of experience, he has saved people like you thousands of dollars every year.

Mary Kay Consultants that tapped into the secrets:

           Dawn H.              $4,781 additional refund on her 2021 Tax Return
                                          $2,340 additional refund on her 2022 Tax Return

            Renee B.             $1,156 additional refund on her 2020 Tax Return

                                          $2,681 additional refund on her 2022 Tax Return

            Colleen H.           $2,744 additional refund on her 2022 Tax Return

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In this training, you will have enough information to save at least 10 times the cost of it or I will refund your money!

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