Your Tax Refund Status – 2022 – No Good

Is Your Tax Refund Status An Error?

The last two years have been literally stupid for the IRS. All of the stimulus payments and late refunds are driving people mad.

Do I get taxed on my stimulus? Why do I have to put it on my form? These are a few of the questions on people’s minds at tax time.

People now are getting more frustrated when the check their tax refund status on the IRS site.

Missing tax return messages. Your refund is delayed messages.

Part and parcel to the IRS who are behind by millions of returns.


Why It’s Better NOT To Get A Tax Refund – IRS

Really? Why should I owe in!!! I can’t afford it. Well, really, you can.

With inflation at 40 year record highs and the IRS as screwed up as they are, why put your money in their hands?

This money could be in your pocket every paycheck and then you would not risk delays at tax time.

PLUS, what happens to most tax refunds? The evaporate faster than a drop of water in the desert. Why?

Funny things happen around tax time. It seems that cars break down, heaters go on the fritz, and refrigerators for kerplunk. (just like the game).

Believe me, I have been through 45 tax seasons and all kind of crazy things happen. It’s like the universe knows that you are about to get a big wad of cash.

Another thing is people tend to think of this as “free” money. When, in fact, it’s just your earned money that the IRS has been using all year interest free. Refunds disappear fast.

When you owe, you just pay before April 15 and I guarantee you the IRS will waste no time cashing your check.


How Do I Get Less Of A Refund?

Getting less of a refund is simple. If you usually get over $2,000 or so, all you have to do is change your w4 form.

Add another child (I know, you don’t have one, but it’s not about that) to your W4 and you will get less taken out for federal tax. That means more in your pocket at pay time.

CLICK HERE to see my post on how to fill out a W4 form.


So, if you are fed up looking at a tax refund status that never changes and want more money during the year. Get less withheld…or take your chances with Uncle SAMMY!







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