Why You Should Amend Your Tax Return

Why Should You Amend Your Tax Return?

The most common reason why people amend their returns is missed deductions.

As a home based business expert, I have done hundreds of amended returns for business owners. In the beginning of my career, I was doing in home seminars for people in Mary Kay, Longaberger, and Tastefully Simple. After the seminars, people realized that they have been missing alot of deductions in previous years.

This was due to their lack of knowledge and also the people who were preparing their returns were not experts in home based businesses. In addition, they (the preparers) purposely refused to use certain deductions because they did not understand the industry nor a home based business.

So, after every seminar, I would do many many amended returns.

You can go back 3 years to amend tax returns. On average, I was getting people back over $2,000 for each year! One lady received just over $20,000 for the three years combined.

I used to list all of my results but I found that people didn’t care about others. They just wanted to see how much they could get back! The last amendment I did got back $750. The preparer missed one deduction!

How much are you missing? Would you pay $7 to find out?

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  1. It is definitely a great idea to get an expert to look over your tax returns, as they know all the loop holes that you normally don’t. I don’t mind paying somebody to do my taxes for me, as not only do I save all that time and hassle, but I always get back more than the fee that I pay. If I did it for myself, this probably would not happen.

  2. For such a small amount to pay for the service, Why would any business not get there taxec checked by this business? Even if the average return would be $500, It would be an incredible return on your money! Thia is definately a winning solution. It takes time for an individual business to complete their taxes so it makes a lot of sence that an accurate check is made to ensure that you will receive the maxi,um benefits.

  3. It is wise to pay a little money to a knowledgeable tax professional to go over the tax returns. There are loopholes you may not know where you could save.

    We file our own tax deductions and use Turbo tax. There were times IRA sends us money back if we have paid extra to uncle sam.

    It is a good post to really help business owners and will benefit many.

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