Best Tax Software 2024

Best Tax Software 2024

Year after year, people look for tax software to DIY their taxes. Of course, the most popular, so it seems, is Turbo tax.

What’s funny about TT, is that I continually get calls and emails over the years asking me to help with TT.

It is asking a question I do not know how to answer, can you help me? That is the mail problem with TT. It does not

come with a tax person in the box. It is a one size fits all software and the questions are so complex, that the average person

cannot figure it out sometimes, especially the business portion of it.

In addition to the questions I get, I have fixed numerous returns done using TT. The are dependents and businesses.

These are quite important area of your tax return!

The current price of TT is $89-$169 and you can even get a review! That means you have to navigate it yourself first.

I cannot imagine the qualifications f the people doing the review.

To get the best tax software for 2024, the software should stand the test of time. Sure TT has been around for a long

time, but many people struggle through it and forget about it as it’s a once off thing.

I have been using Taxact software for over 25 years now and my business is primarily made up of home based business owners.

So, if you have a business, Taxact would be the best tax software for businesses, in my humble opinion.

The prompts are easy to understand and not confusing.

Now, I say all that to leave the best of the best tax software for last. Me!

I now come in a box! I have done my own DIY tax software using tax act and my course. DIY taxes!

Not only do you get the best tax software, but you get the best tax software PLUS a form by form, line by line video course.

PLUS you can email me questions!!!! Get this—–All for $47 – Holy cow!

Here are the links – You go to my “school” and enroll in the course or just get taxact on your own. Yes, I do get an affiliate commission.

Taxact is free and you just pay for efiling.

CLICK HERE to enroll in the DIY course

CLICK HERE just to get taxact

Any questions – Just leave a comment or email me at steve@do-my-taxes.com




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