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One of the most popular platform created for online course creators is Skool.

It was created by legendary Sam Ovens who has soared to almost superstar status.

The allure is the skool community you can create with all of your course taker, or clients.

Instead of facebook groups, you can have all of your followers right there on the platform.

Now, how in the world can you get it for free?

The plain and simple answer is, be diligent!

Be diligent in your taxes! Because you are using this platform for your course, it is a tax write off.

Let’s pretend that you are an employee and you have a coaching side hustle and you have a business coaching course.

The cost of SKOOL is $99/month USD. (PS this is only for USA taxes – sorry rest of the world)

If you follow my free course in my SKOOL (click here) , you will save $2,500 in the first year of 99.99% of all businesses.

That’s roughly $200/month.

Now, you can adjust your withholdings from your paycheck to have $200 less taken out.

This will fund your SKOOL at $99/mo and give you $100/mo maybe to run some ads!

Your SKOOL is free, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

You may be saying, but don’t I have to spend money to get tax deductions? The answer is not always!

In fact, the biggest deduction you will get takes place whether or not you are in business!

No money out of your pocket!

To get all of the nitty gritty details, join my free SKOOL – CLICK HERE

The $2,500 course is FREE!





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