Before You Jump To Another MLM…Read This

Quit Jumping And Start Winning

How many mlm’s have you been in…4, 5, or maybe more? I must say I have done my fair share of mlm jumping.

What I have come to find out is this. Slow, steady, and committed will win the race. The grass always seems greener on the other side. Until you get there and look back. Many people jump just because they think that the products are not “popular” enough. The plain fact is, that sponsoring people into your program is just plain tough.

Unless you have the right hook.

My last mlm I was in I built a team of 500 people in one year with this hook. You see, your product is not your product. People are your product. If you cannot get people into your business, it will die. Let’s face it, there are not many people that are retail sales people. I know that for a fact after looking at thousands of tax returns!

Everyone subscribes to the channel WIIFM – What’s in it for me. Once you know what people want, you can lead them into your business…if your business offers them that.

From my experience, not many people actually WANT to be healthy. They figure it will come naturally! What they REALLY want is money and they want it NOW. But realistically, most mlm’ers do not get money as fast as they want, then they end up jumping because someone promises them money…faster.

This is also the reason why people go nuts and start calling MLM’s pyramid schemes. You may want to check out my take on MLM’s v Pyramids HERE.

What if you could offer IMMEDIATE money? Usually within 2 weeks…tops 4 weeks. I found this to be helpful in sponsoring people fast.

Once you are in business for yourself, a whole new world of tax deductions opens up to you. On average, you can save between $200 and $400 per month on your taxes. You can get this money right away in the form of lower federal withholding. That means once someone joins your team, they can see an IMMEDIATE benefit and they will not be tempted to jump.

They can then use the same strategy to sponsor people in their business and it will never end. Why? Because people ALWAYS want to lower their taxes. If you ask anybody on the street if they want to pay more in taxes, they probably have a problem. But, ask them if they would want to pay less…well you have the vehicle to make that happen.

The moral of the story? Quit jumping. St




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