Steven Spangenberg

Steven Spangenberg is a tax reduction specialist with over 40 years experience in successfully lowering people's taxes. He has worked with people from companies like Avon, Mary Kay, Young Living, and many more. The only question for you is when will Steve lower your taxes?


  1. Hey, Steve!!
    You’ve made some very good points. I never would have thought to do that one simple thing of changing your W-4. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Whoa! So interesting. I’ve always let my parents handle my income taxes but articles like this help me to “adult.” It was very well-explained. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

    What exactly am I changing on my W-4 so they take out less money in my check? Sounds like a life hack!

    • Francis. Thank you for the comment. You will be changing your allowances. Most people think that the number of allowances equals the number of children. Not true. Most single people will put Single and 0 allowances. To get more in your paycheck, put Single and 1 or 2. Just check your pay stub to see the difference. Cheers

  3. I honestly didn’t know you could do this! This is a great tip Steve, I’ll do this from now on.

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