Deduct Holiday Travel

Tis the season to travel. Thanksgiving coming up and Christmas is just around the corner.

People will be traveling to see family and friends all over the USA. The only question is, how do we write off 100% of that travel?

If you are driving, make sure that you are delivering products to somebody where you are traveling to. If you have followed my advice on promoting your business through Christmas presents, you just deliver the presents!

If you are flying, chances are you will be away from home overnight. So you will want to make each day you are away a business day. You do that by working 4 hours and 1 minute each day.

You do this by promoting your business. Talking to people. Getting referrals. Delivering presents.

You need to document all of your activity in your date book or diary. You can write off your airfare, hotel, rental car, gas for your rental, insurance for your rental, massages, haircuts, dry cleaning and more.

Now some may say that these are small expenses, but I say they all add up to big dollars!

If you want the whole story on what you can deduct by having a home based business, CLICK HERE.




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