Write Off All Christmas Presents

Ho Ho Ho! The season will soon be here and what will you do to promote your business?

I remember when I was a kid, my dad worked at Ludens, a cough drop and candy maker in Reading, PA (now owned by Hersheys). He always gave items from his business at the holidays. Why? To promote his business, of course.

Do you have physical products you can give instead of gifts?

Of course you do! And you can write off 100% of these as PROMOTIONS! Notice they are not gifts as gifts have a $25 ceiling on them. You are promoting your business.

Sure you may get grumpy uncle Harry who doesn’t like red lipstick, but hey, he’ll get over it!

Tis the season to promote and what better way to do it than give to your family and friends and you may pick up some new retail customers!

And do not worry if your brother in law re-gifts it to someone else. That someone else may be your next distributor!

I gave my business card to a server once. She threw it in the bin and the dish washer man picked it out and became a client for 5 years! That was 5 years at $195, or $975 PLUS the two referrals he gave me at $395 a piece for 7 years…or $5,530 PLUS – you get the idea.

All in all it was at least a $6,505 business card!






  1. Hi. I like the holiday discounts. Before Christmas, I used to shop around and look for discounts. I am much gladder when I manage to buy everything at a reduced price. It’s not just about the money economy I make. When I find discounts before Christmas I feel I have received a gift. More discounts, more gifts. I love gifts.

  2. Very good idea, I never thought about doing this! This would be perfect for my business, not only would I be able to promote my business and possibly build future sales, but also save a little money when tax time rolls around! Thank you for this information, I will be sure to share this with my friends 😁

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