How Can Facebook Lower Your Taxes?

Can Facebook Lower Your Taxes?

How many Facebook accounts are there that promote work at home or make money online programs?

Literally thousands upon thousands. Most promote the Six-figure income programs. How to get rich quick!

But very, very, very few can deliver on that promise. I tend to look at the programs that help the average person make a couple of hundred to a thousand bucks a month. Let’s face it, most make nothing!

Here’s a story that will help anybody with a phone make money!

I got a surprise email one day in my email regarding Facebook reels. I have heard about reels before that and started to upload funny 30 second videos of my exploits here in Australia. Dogs pooping in the ocean when the tide went out, people doing funny things, and so on.

At first the videos would get a couple of hundred views and then all of a sudden, the views started gaining momentum. My second best video was simply a kangaroo at an amusement park walking across it’s cage! 167,000 views. The best one was me helping a turtle back in the grass. 250,000 views.


I had heard of the reels program where people were getting $35,000 per month to post reels. I applied for it, but I was doing reels on my personal account and not my business account. I lost out on that! Sad face emoji!

I soon received a notification to become part of the Facebook creators program so I signed up. Nothing came of it.

Then I got notifications to add a payout account. Tried adding one, but it never worked.

Then I got a notification that they were going to put ads on my account. So I clicked and said yes. I didn’t notice the ads but some of my friends said there were ads.

Then I got another notification to add my paypal account. This time it looked like it went through!

Now, I have been trucking along just posting more reels every day. Then I received a statement in the email from Facebook saying I made 15 cents! Yahoooooo.

The next month I received another statement saying I earned $2.74!!!!! Even better.

What does this all have to do with taxes?

This is now a legitimate side hustle!!! Youtubers make thousands of dollars from their channels and many are full-time incomes.

The fact that I went from 15 cents to $2.74 says only one thing to me…..make more reels!!!!!!

Also, I started to put my websites on my reels that lead to affiliate offers!

How much can Facebook reels save you in taxes? Let’s break it down. We will start on January 1 making reels for this example.

You should make a business page and do reels from there.

Once you start this, alot of changes take place. The major one is that where ever you go and what ever you do, you will be making reels! With that, the following things become tax deductible:

Your miles

Cell phone, internet

Home office


Day trips

Tickets to events and theme parks

and much more.

Here we go:

Income from Facebook                        $300 (first year)


Miles (10,000 @.625)                            $6,250

Cell Phone                                             $1,200

Internet                                                  $  600

Vacation                                                 $3,000

Pay your children                                   $1,200  Click here for more on that

Total Expenses                                        $12,250

Loss                                                         $11,950

This loss can be applied against your job income.

For an average couple, you could save up to $2,390 in taxes. Now add your income back onto that and you effectively made over $2400 on your side hustle just by posting reels on Facebook. All of the expenses you see listed are expenses you will have anyway. You just converted them to business expenses!

You can also do what I have done and connect an affiliate offer to your reel or a print on demand store. I have the website https://www.dogmerchstore.com

That is on all my dog reels. It is a shop where I get paid to make and sell T-shirts.

That is just the first year. If you add 2 reels per day, (that’s one minutes worth of video), you will have 730 videos with ads on them in one year. Plus 730 links to affiliate offers. These are digital assets that work for you 24/7, 365 days a year!

Not bad for taking videos of anything around you!







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