How To Make Virtually Every Mile Deductible

Deduct Most Every Mile


With the IRS paying you $62.5 per every business mile (in 2023), the only question is, “How do I make every mile deductible”.

If you are self-employed only, you can!

If you have a job and a side hustle, you can write off every mile except your commuting miles.

You have to have a business purpose for those miles and you must document them in a mileage log.

Most people write off trips to see clients, trips to the post office, etc. But what if there was a way to just write them all off with one single purpose?

Every time you turn on your cell phone, you are being tracked. Where you go, what you search for , etc.

Corporations are mining this “anonymous” data and immediately selling it to companies so they can target their advertising.

Well, what if you could get paid for that? It’s your data!

Enter the Tapestri APP. It tracks your phone wherever you go. You also “check-in” at different business.

You get paid for just keeping the APP on and also, you get paid for checking in different places.

Now, the icing on the cake, is that you get paid $1 a month for every person that downloads the app and keeps it on.

Plus – down 2 levels! I’ve been in a 2 months when this screen shot was taken!

Now, how does that translate into mileage deduction? Easy, wherever you go, the app is paying you = business miles!

Let’s get practical. Say you drive 10,000 miles a year. Keep the APP on, check in where you go.

You can make $30/month just doing that. Now, if that’s all you do, you get a $6,250 deduction for the miles

$360 Income less $6,250 is a loss of $5,890. Less the cost of your cell phone @$600 = $6,490 Loss

Let’s say you are in the 15% tax bracket. That means you can save up to $973 on your tax bill.

You can add this to any side hustle you are in now, or just do a stand alone with this APP!

You can download the add at https://refer.tapestri.io/a/loweryourtaxes

Once you download the app, (preferably from your phone) email me at steve@do-my-taxes.com and I will help you install it correctly and also give you my income tax reduction guide for FREE!

You won’t make a million dollars with this, but a thousand dollars a year could help out!







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